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Edu-Business Solutions

Designed for new Sage Business partner.

Special customised requirements were:

  • an on-line questionaire
  • contact form
  • competition image design

See Testimonials on home page.

Scott's Pool Services

Having an out dated website and mobi-site, Scott  and Anne required a total revamp:

  • responsive - to replace the mobi-site
  • updated galleries 
  • some WOW factor. 

Wonder Market

Not satisfied with the current website, Kezia looked to me to design an attractive site with galleries.

As an alternative to the downloadable PDF Trader's Application form, I suggested an on-line form, thereby taking out much of the admin from her hectic schedule, as well as any applicant. This worked out well within the first week of the site going live, in that six applacations came through.

Town-News Business Directory

A total revamp was required for the out-dated non-responsive site Debbie opperated with for the past 6 years.

With the advent of smart phones and tablets becoming the norm it was essential that her site be responsive and modern.

Durban Stays

Pre-historic is the only way to describe what the site looked like before. Completely revamped and ready to be marketed to all who require on-line advertising for their holiday accomodation letting.

Arts & Organics

Arts & Organics started off, last year, with a free Shopyfy site. Only for the owner to soon discover that she couldn't list all her numerous products...free only gets you so far.

To make it work, additional costs (and at US$ exchange rates mind you) were incurred. This scenario couldn't continue so I suggested moving away from the costly 'free' site - a scary thought initially for the client,

But, with some tutoring, the client was responsible for the loading of content, images and products in order to keep costs down. My responsibility was the nitty gritty web design part with the shop put in place (international sales and shipping) and properly tested.

Within the first week of launching, Hazel made her first art sale. Nice!


Pretty much the first major project I took on. Quite exciting and blogs maintained up until March 2016.

A wonderful project for me, testing newly found solutions and skills.  

This site required a Joomla! and template upgrade, with some added components to make it resemble what it was and more to client's satisfaction.

A revamp of their old site, with added embedded video links.

My work on this site was to set up and test all aspects (e.g. European Union tax exemptions, shipping and payment options) to do with the on-line shop. 

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