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Well, that would be me, Wendy Gaylard. Given the opportunity to intern for a web designer in Pietermaritburg beginning 2015, I quickly cottoned onto webdesign and coding under her guidance. Being of the critical and pedantic kind on the final product, I was left to my own devices to make it happen for the numerous projects allocated to me.

Still retained as an associate web designer I've gone on my own to successfully design new sites for my own clients.

From a basic landing page to a complex on-line shopping cart and anything inbetween, including Complex on-line inquiry forms or questionnaires/quizzes ... I deliver.

On inquiry I note the client's needs and requirements. I ask plenty questions to determine asthetic preferences, upfront. All verbal comunication is confirmed via email.

I like to give the client the temporary link, once the basics are there, so they can observe what is happening as I go along. I let the client know what has been done, and ask them to go in and have a looksee and provide feedback on anything they feel requires changing.
During this time their current site, if they have one, is still available as usual, so they do not have any website down-time.

When the site is pretty much done, taking changes made along the way into account, I ask for a final feedback email for final changes, and once they confirm they are happy with the site, final process to make the site live takes place.

our skills status

  • Web Design 85%
  • Joomla 95%
  • Shopping Carts 95%
  • WordPress 70%
  • HTML/CSS 80%
  • Graphic Design 50%
  • SEO 50%


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I am very impressed

I am a perfectionist who has just started her own business. I expect this would be an absolute nightmare client for most Web Designers, but Wendy Gaylard was patient, attentive and quickly acquired a good understanding of what I wanted to achieve. We literally started with a “ blank page “ and developed a website that said what I wanted to say. Discussions via telephone, in personal and via Skype were always followed up with email confirmations of all changes requested and made. Wendy responds quickly and always ensures that she understands her client’s needs. I am very impressed and more than satisfied with her service, her treatment and the product that I have received from Wendy Gaylard and I will definitely recommend her to anyone that is seeking a Web Designer.

Antoinette Blandin De Chalain
Antoinette Blandin De ChalainOwner - Edu-Business Solutions
Wendy has been a pleasure to teach. As an intern she has been hardworking, has shown initiative and great attention to detail. I wish her all the best in building her own business and highly recommend her!
Janey Cramer
Janey CramerOwner - Muse
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